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Sunset Meadow Vineyards offers a flavorful assortment of wines. We hope ​to make the experience of tasting our wines enjoyable and memorable for both the connoisseur and those with a more casual appreciation of wine. For a full description of each of our wines, please select any variety listed below.


*All online orders must be placed in quantities of 1-6 or 12 bottles. For any other quantities please contact the tasting room as there will be an additional shipping fee.*


St. Croix


Pinot Noir style wine with smooth fruit, hints of smoke and a touch of black pepper.


Twisted Red

An exquisitely balanced Bordeaux style wine. This Cabernet blend will tantalize your taste buds with hints of spice, blackberry, black cherry, plum and vanilla.



A dry, red with dark stone fruit, hints of cherry and a long finish with hints of pepper.


Root 63

A versatile semi-sweet red wine served chilled with flavors of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry. Pairs well with everything from fruit and dessert to pizza and burgers.


Root 63 Cafe’

Infused with Coffee! Light bodied with just a hint of cherry and touches of bitter dark chocolate and hints of coffee flavor. Subtle sweetness is followed by a smooth, creamy, vanilla finish that fills your whole palate.


Limited Edition Root 63

This Italian Style version of our Famous Root 63 is slightly dryer with a fuller body. Fruit forward with hints of cherry, plum and strawberry that finishes with a delicate earthiness which creates the perfect wine for pasta or steak.


Barrel Aged Root 63

Your favorite Root 63 aged in French Oak, creating a richer fruit flavor with a smooth oaky with soft finish.


Bourbon Barrel Aged St. Croix

Aged in French oak, then finished on 10yr Old Bourbon Barrels from the Litchfield Distillery. Light nose of bourbon, filled with soft fruit, and a creamy, smooth finish.


Cab Franc

Aged for 3 years, with a smooth full-body, dark fruit flavors with hints of black licorice.


Big Lab Cab


Aged for 4 years. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Like our Lab, this wine is Big & Bold and will delight the palate. Bursting fruit flavors hit your tongue followed by a luxuriously soft but dry finish. A portion of the proceeds go to a local animal shelter.


Pyrrah’s Passion


A rich, Port-style, sweet dessert wine. Bold, aromatics of fruit and berry followed by a soft milk chocolate and caramel finish. Enjoy with your favorite dessert or after dinner.




A fruity, pomegranate hued, sparkling wine. Bursting with flavors of bright raspberry and pomegranate with just a hint of effervescence.


Shades de Blanc


A delicate semi-dry sparkling wine abundant with soft flavors of peach, grape and kiwi. Pairs well with sharp cheeses and fruits to crème brulee.




A light, buttery mouth-feel with just a touch of citrus and honey. Aged in French oak.


Vidal Blanc

Elegant, clean and medium bodied, this white wine has the perfect balance of citrus and ripe fruit with a subtle pear finish. Great food wine that pairs with any dish that has more intense flavor!


Cayuga White

A crisp, refreshing, fruit forward wine with hints of grapefruit, citrus and peach.



A delicate, bright and clean, this off-dry Riesling has hints of pear and green apple.



A delicate off-dry Rosé with light fruit notes, hints of citrus and a soft raspberry finish.


Root 63 White

Refreshing and tropical this semi-sweet blend has a bursting fruit aroma followed by an exciting taste of mixed fruit.


Sunset Blush


An SMV original… Fruity and refreshing wine with hints of Peach, Apricot, and Plum. Delicately sweet. Perfect right now and for the warm summer days we have coming up…


Country Porch Peach

July “Product of the Month”

Light peach aromas open up to soft, citrus and semi-sweet peach flavors. Just like biting into a fresh juicy peach! Perfect as a base of white sangria, bbq or grilled fish!

$22.99 $19.99

Country Porch Mango

Light Mango aromas open up to soft, citrus and semi-sweet mango flavors. Perfect as a base of white sangria, bbq or grilled fish!


Country Porch Pear

Pear aromas open up to soft, citrus and semi-sweet pear flavors. Just like biting into a fresh juicy pear! Perfect as a base of white sangria, bbq or grilled fish!


Rum Blush

You’re favorite Sunset Blush aged in Dark Rum Barrels from Berkshire Mountain Distillery (Sheffield, MA)



Pure maple syrup gives this wine a deliciously soft sweetness. Hints of toasted caramel and vanilla make this a perfect sipping wine.


Sunset Orange

The color of this white wine is achieved by fermenting on the skins, which gives the white wine mores tannins and heavier mouthfeel while maintaining the acidity of white wine. Excellent with roasted vegetables to lamb and poultry.


Midnight Ice

This tropical tasting delight was picked frozen yet displays flavors of apricot, honey, and ripe raisin. Perfect to pour over ice cream, fresh fruit, or for that special occasion.


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