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  • Barrel Aged Root 63


    Will Be Available on 10/25/19…


    Your favorite Root 63 aged in French Oak creating a richer, smooth oaky red. Sweet and oaky nose and creamy fruit finish.

  • Big Lab Cab



    Aged for 4 years. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Like our Lab, this wine is Big & Bold and will delight the palate. Bursting fruit flavors hit your tongue followed by a luxuriously soft but dry finish.

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged St. Croix

    Will Be Available on 10/25/19
    This estate grown St. Croix was aged for several years on French Oak then was finished on a 10yr Old Bourbon barrel from Litchfield Distillery.
    Opening with light aromas of caramel and bourbon this medium-bodied red opens into soft cherry and dark fruit notes on the palate with a soft mouthfeel and butterscotch undertones on the finish.


  • Chardonnay


    Aged in american oak, buttery and luscious with a full fruit taste, serve chilled.


    • 2012 International Eastern Wine Competition Gold Medal Winner
    • 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Bronze Medal Winner
  • Country Porch Peach


    Light peach aromas with soft, semi-sweet flavors of citrus and peach.

  • Enchanted Apple


    Rich, balanced and refreshing. This apple wine will enchant your pallet with a succulent but subtle taste of a magical orchard and a tantalizing hint of honey.

  • Gift Card

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  • Midnight Ice


    A true Ice Wine, this tropical tasting delight was picked frozen yet displays flavors of mango, papaya and passion fruit.    (375 ml)

  • Mulling Spices



    Makes 10-12 servings.