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Questions & Answers

We’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you research or plan your visit. For more information, please call 860-201-4654 or email us at

Do you allow outside food?

We do allow you to bring in outside food, i.e. snacks, sandwiches. We ask that you do not bring large platters or coolers.

Do you have a restaurant?
We do not have a restaurant but we do sell local meats, cheeses, spreads and crackers.
Do you allow outside beverages?
No, we do not allow any outside beverages on our property. This is a restriction of our Farm Winery Permit. Any violation of this restriction puts our permit in jeopardy.  We have non-alcoholic beverages available for sale: soda, water & juice.
If we don’t finish our wine, can we take the opened bottle home?
Yes, Please bring your bottle to the bar so we can legally bag it for you.
Do you sell your wine to local liquor stores?
We are in many package stores throughout the state. You can find the store closest to you by clicking here.
Are dogs allowed?

Pets are welcome at Sunset Meadow. Your pet must be leashed at all times and be people and other pet friendly. Your pet must not be left alone, and you must clean up after him/her if necessary.

Do you take reservations for tastings and seating?
We do require a reservation for groups larger than 6 for tastings only. Seating is first come, first serve for customers 21 years of age or older & groups no larger than 4 are allowed in the Vista Room during the winter months.
Are children allowed in the tasting room?
Children are welcome in the tasting room as long as they are always with an adult. We do not have seating for children in the tasting room during winter months.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards! Visa, MasterCard, & Discover & American Express. We do not accept checks.
Are you handicapped accessible?
Yes, we are wheelchair accessible. Handicapped parking is right to the side of the winery in the front.  We also have a handicapped ramp that brings you right into the winery.  Also, our restroom is wheelchair accessible.

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