churchilll Churchill's Corner



Churchill is the adopted rescue dog of the Motel family. He is a very friendly yellow lab who is now the mascot of Sunset Meadow Vineyards.

Churchill loves long walks in the vineyards, rides on the tractors and meeting and greeting the customers in the winery.


Stop by for a visit and say hello to Churchill.


Message from Churchill:

Hello Everyone!


What gorgeous weather we have been having.  I love my long walks on days like these and I especially love riding in the truck!   I think my new favorite place to go is the gas station.  I get to sit in the truck with the window down and people come and pet me while George is getting gas for all our equipment.  Some days we are there for awhile but I don'tmind.  


I did manage to find a bit of "canine cologne" to roll around in while in the vineyards but no one else seemed to like it so I was immediately taken for a bath....Don't they know I LIKE smelling that way!!!


I have to be careful now with harvest going on because I like the taste of grapes but they are Very Bad for me.  There is a complete list of fruits and vegetables that are bad for dogs on my Facebook Page.  If you haven't signed on you really should.  I try to keep you updated about what is going on in the animal community as well as what I am doing here at Sunset Meadow. Like my Facebook Page here 


I hope all of you get a chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  We take so much for granted but I appreciate each day I can be free to run and jump and play outside.  If you can, consider adopting a shelter pet. We will be loyal for life!


Time to go and smell the new mums we just planted!